Discover our Blockchain training programs

We provide general and advanced blockchain training programs for financial institutions, educational system, corporate and start-up ecosystem.

Our team organises workshops and brainstorming sessions around the most accurate ways to benefit, adapt and capitalise on the blockchain technology for your business.

Blokchain Training by Theme

Overview of Blockchain technology applications.

Training initiation Theme of your choice


 Financial markets & Blockchain

Protocole & Blockchain architecture

Intellectual property & Blockchain

Regulation & Compliance for Blockchain

 Smart Industry & Blockchain

Crowdfunding & Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies Market

Security & Blockchain

Smart contract by Blockchain

Customisable Blockchain Training Programs

We offer customised training programs tailored to your specific business needs. The dedicated team and the unique contact are put at your disposal to ensure the quality and continuity of your exchanges.

Our methodology in 4 steps

1. Understanding and taking into account your needs

  • Study of the context of your application and the topics to be addressed:

  • Profile of the participants

  • Kick off meeting with the consultant

2. Collaborative development of your training

  • We build together the content of the training

  • Validation of organisational, relational, educational and logistical

3. Implementation and realisation of your training

  • Implementation of an optimal training organisation

  • Duration of training

  • Intervention modalities

4. Your training assessment & monitoring

  • Feedback from participants

  • Evaluation questionnaire

  • Optional newsletter subscription

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