Bitcoin payment solution merchants and e-commerce

We offer you the expertise in bitcoin payment solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business to enable you to accept this new mean of payment.

Analysis of your needs

Recomend the payment solution

Integration of the adequate solution

Reasons to accept bitcoin payment

Low transaction fees

No hidden fees, only fix-rate charge unrelated to the number or the amount of the transactions.

No charge back risk

Such as cash, every transaction is definitive and irreversible.

Universal payment

Instantly accepting cross border payments without exorbitant transfer bank fees.

Just increase your sales

Boost your sales, be the first to accept cryptocurrencies and stand out from your competitors.

Available products

Online payment

Implementation of  the online payment solution

Payment terminal

Integration of payment terminal

Mobile payment application

Design payment application on your devices


ATM Installation

Advantages for your customers

Own your funds

No intermediate. Store or transfer your funds, indeed you are the only one to own the private key and the corresponding public key that makes up a cryptocurrency address.

Complete flash transfers

Not necessary to wait days to transfer your assets abroad, less than 10 minutes to transfer your funds without any amount limitations.

Secure your assets

Encrypting your electronic wallet makes the risk of fraud nonexistent.

Make private transactions

No one has access to your personal financial data and trace transactions unless you publicise your wallet address.

To buy or sell bitcoin

1. Find a physical or online point of sale

2. Use a smartphone, tablet or computer

3.  Electronic wallet Free Download


4. Give or Scan the point of sale’s QR Code to pay or to get paid



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