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The Blockchain technology is a genuine innovation having a significant impact on the global economy and financial exchanges permitting individuals’ and companies’ property ownership to be transferred in a safe, quick, and transparent manner without a trusted intermediary.

Using Blockchain technology for your business means improving its efficiency. Don’t wait any longer and let’s put our heads together to find the best Blockchain solution for your projects.


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What is Blockchain technology?

First appeared in 2008 under the name “Bitcoin” whose information units now have a monetary value, Blockchain is a distributed decentralised public ledger and encrypted P2P data transfer protocol.

This decentralised public ledger containing the record of all transactions is maintained by all the members of the network, enabling transparency and integrity of the system. This specificity can be leveraged to provide new products and services to improve existing ones. Blockchain was first launched as an alternative approach to payments, today this technology can be applied for smart contract issuance or transfer of assets like voting rights, securities, obligations or any valued data.

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